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Hey baby you come in this world.
I hope you will be happy to have such great parents.
We are happy to have you.

Dear friend you are looking old.
I got, you have become Dad
and your youth has a pause now.
You will be young again when your
son be of your height.
Hope you are really happy to have a baby boy.

I m watching a slight beam on your face.
Its the happiness of having a baby doll.
This doll is a pleasant gift of God for both of you.
enjoy your day.

All of you came here for wishing us baby’s birth, we are very thankful for all of you to give such a precious love to our baby.

No doubt celebration of baby’s birthday is very special time and this time became more beautiful and awesome when you joined it. We parents of the baby want to thank all of you.

Birthday of our baby has brought a lot of happiness in our lives and moreover his birthday is providing us a chance to get together and spend time with so elegant moments. We want to thank all of you for gifts, wishes and coming here and also want to thank our baby which caused all this.

We are very happy that God gave us such a beautiful baby and our baby is more blessed as he is having a company of such a nice gathering of people. Thanks to all of you to encourage and to pray for our baby on his birthday.

All of you joined this event in such a busy life, it’s very nice of you, you made this birthday memorable and elegant, Thank you for wishing our sweet baby.

May your little baby fill your life with happiness.

Ican’t imagine the happiness of parents of newly born baby. I am very happy then i am imagining how much happy you are?i pray to god may you always be a happy family.

I know that for parents there is precious gift of God. I pray that may your child live long healthy life.

It is a very surprising moment to take your baby in your hand, i wish to God for both of you have many wonderful occasions with your sweet little baby.

The moment when a baby smile is a wonderful moment. May your life be bright with the sunshine of your cute baby smile.

The parents always think that their children are proud of them. I pray to GOD that he brings you many happy and proud moments.

Parents can’t see their child in trouble. May your innocent baby have a long, healthy, and happy life with you.

May your child respect his elders and called a best baby boy.

The children are future of parents. So I wish you to have a bright future.

May your little angel grow strong under your care & love.

A Baby is like the heart beat for his/her mother and fills life with love.

Wishing you all the happiness a baby brings to your world.

GOD has been blessed you with a beautiful gift in the form of child! Let it grow healthy and strong! Congrats Dear!

 Babies are like angels. Congratulation on having such a beautiful angel from God.

 May this child bring happiness to all of you, May you all be happy always. May this happiness never be faded away.

 New born baby is really a blessing from God, May you be blessed all the life ahead.

 Baby is gift from God, May you be happy on having such precious gift.

 Birth of a baby is unforgettable event, its joy is inexpressible. May you have all joys in life.

 The first cry of child brings happiness to home, May your home be always filled with happiness.

 Congratulation on having such beautiful baby, May he/she inherit the ideal qualities.

 Children are our future, May your future be bright with the birth of this baby.

 Babies are stars, May your home be always illuminated with these starts.

 Birth of child is sign of good luck, May this child prove to be lucky for you.

 Hopes and expectations are associated with child. I wish this child comes up to your expectation, May you see his bright future.

 May your all wishes come true, may you never see him in trouble and problems.

 No doubt the birth of children brings a lot of pleasures and happiness, but along-with responsibility also. I wish you fulfill this responsibility very well.

 I wish there is always mutual understanding between you and your son/daughter. I wish there rise no disagreement between both of you.

 I pray, May God make this child pious and obedient to you. I wish for the day when you proud of him/her.

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