benedict redgrove

Benedict Redgrove was born in Woodley near Reading, England. Studied at Berkshire College of Art and Design. Travelled with his camera at 22 and had a small show of his work at 23. His background as graphic designer has heavily influenced his imagery. His carefully composed images are clean and strong. He see beauty in utilitarian spaces and structures, loves good design and functionality. His meticulously crafted photographs range in scope from vast landscapes to intimate technical interiors. Space craft, cars, planes, boats and technology, epic set-ups and close-up still life. Strong, striking and inherently stylish, his work has an uncommonly clean graphic quality, resulting from Redgrove’s subtle experimentations with space and colour. His award winning images have been commissioned by advertising agencies and magazines throughout the world. He is represented by Walter Schupfer Management in the USA and Paris and Visual Artists in the UK and Europe, His advertising clients include IBM, VW, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Sony, Virgin, BA, T-Mobile, BAe, GE, Wink Creative, Swiss, and his editorial clients include GQ USA, GQ UK, Wired USA, Wired UK, Esquire, Wallpaper, New York Times, The Times,

He is currently working on a number of projects that will be exhibited next year. He lives and works in London and New York.
Photographer: Benedict Redgrove
Stylist: Annette Masterman
Model: Kamilla Drotlef
Treats! magazine
Title: AU LAIT

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