New baby born messages

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,
their wings disappear at the time of their birth
one look in their eyes and we’re never the same
They’re part of us now and that part has a name
That part is your heart and a bond that won’t sever
our Babies are Angels, we love them forever.

Babies are the most
beautiful gifts from God
May your small one
grow strong & happy
under your care and love.

An unexpected blessing
is always the best gift!
on the new baby!
May you guys
have many more!

A Little Boy Get ready for lots of laughter and noise,
big hugs and toys, and so many joys! Congratulations!

Welcome Baby Boy! There’s so much to see and do
so much adventure waiting for you, time for fun
time to run, everything’s new under the sun.

A Baby touches your heart and fills your life with love.
Wishing you all the joys of discovery a baby brings to your world.

on being a new mum
Nothing will ever compare
to the joy, love & delight
a child will bring into ur lives
God Bless!

What an angel u have der
Really cute! hope the mom
& the little one are doing fine
& will be home soon.
Thanks for sharing!

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