New Born Baby Sms Messages

An unexpected blessing
is always the best gift!
on the new baby!
May U guys
have many more!

Good to hear
ur havin' a baby
Congrats! Cigars on me!

Babies are the most
beautiful gifts from God
May ur small one
grow strong & happy
under ur care and love

Step by step the journey goes on
Little by little it may seem so long
Forget about ur past, u can't change it
Forget about ur future, u cant predict it
Just think about present, u can handle it
Enjoy presents every moment & be happy

Forget abt the past you cant change it
Forget abt the future You cant predict it
Forget abt the present I dint get you one
Happy birthday

If a baby iz born
what will
be the colour of the
babies teeth
you fool
a new born baby dont have teeth

This Baby is Your Blessing, I wish happiness in every way, Good luck God Bless, I say And many Blessings and wishes, To Welcome Baby into Your Life Today.

A warm message to wish the new parents on their new found joy.

Send warm wishes to the grandma/ grandpa on their newly found happiness.

Congratulate the proud parents on their new baby.

A cute new baby ecard to wish happiness to the new parents of a baby girl.

Ths Baby iz Your Blessing, I wish happiness in every way,

A gift from GOD, May ur heart alwyz feel thz luv.
congratulations on your new little one dear!

Good luck God Bless, I say And many Blessings and wishes on your new baby,

We welcome ur dear new baby 2 this world. Congrats!

Welcome 2 the world of parenthood…
Congratulations on ur first baby dear!

We r overjoyed at the arrival ov the new member in ur family tree

Wishing u lots ov happiness with ur litle one

A baby is special, a baby is fun congratulations on your new little one!

We are so happy your new baby is here.
We send you blessings, love and lots of cheer!

Congratulations! May your baby be blessed, his/her road forward a blessed adventure!

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