sarah st clair renard

Photographer: Sarah St Clair Renard
Stylist: Yoon Choi
Hair and MakeUp: Juanita Lyon
Model: Kelly C
Title: In Bloom
“In bloom – a brief stage seen in nature that mirrors youth. The moment right before the rosebud opens up and becomes a full beautiful flower, climbing out of and becoming yourself in the spring of your life.”
Via: bentrovatoblog

Sarah St Clair Renard was born in Gothenburg, a drizzly ship building town on the west coast of Sweden. She came of age in a time of homemade pink corduroy outfits and the “no-to-nuclear” movement. Growing up behind the stage of a theater where her single mother was as a prop maker nurtured her sense of narrative and story telling. After high school ended she moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and photography and after working on indie-films and traveling the world a bit, she enrolled in the Photography program at Santa Monica College from where she graduated in 2008.

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