Tuan Tran: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Bane Workout

Bodybuilder and powerlifter Tuan Tran gets enthusiastic about Batman, the movie "The Dark Knight Rises", and especially its villain Bane. Tuan: "I have been waiting for the movie and wanted to do a fan based video this time around. Not something I normally do, but this was a perfect fit coming up with an idea about how Bane trains. He is physiqually the most powerful foe the Dark Knight has ever faced. In order for Bane to take on the Dark Knight, he must master all aspects of athletic ability. Here are my thoughts on how Bane would train his entire body to max the aspects of
1. Power
2. Strength Endurance/Conditioning
3. Mobility/Flexibility
4. Speed
5. Agility/Explosiveness
6. Hand/Eye Coordination
7. Reflexes

This second video features Tuan's thoughts on how Bane would train especially his back and biceps.

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