kevin goss-ross

Kevin Goss-Ross 

"I am a professional freelance photographer living in Dublin, Ireland. I am vastly influenced by music. It has affected my mindset, my moral standards, my lifestyle, and of course my work. This intense love of music has resulted in the majority of my work thus far has being associated with music of all genres.

The majority of my work is imagined beforehand and then elaborately and deliberately staged. I am obsessed with using artificial light to bend an existing environment to feel how I want it to feel. The other side of my work goes in the complete opposite direction, and consists of more spontaneous documentary style photographs documenting underground cultures and nightlife. 

I prefer to use small flash units for artificial lighting which keeps me mobile with the only limitation regarding location being the weather. My love for what I do keeps me motivated to push things as far as they can go, and I treat every project with the same amount of passion."

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