natalie goldstein

Photographer: Natalie Goldstein
Model: Caroline Salvia
Via: Treats! Magazine

For Natalie Goldstein, the journey from in front of the camera to behind the camera, has been all about finding a deep relationship with her own senses of artistic perspectives. 

“Even when I was working as a model I was always fascinated with the way things worked on the other side with the light hitting my face and the slightest movement changing things in a beautiful way. 5 years ago someone offered me the chance to shoot their kid’s party, things really just took off from there. Capturing a kid’s smile or a family moment that frames their memories for a lifetime was actually a really big responsibility.” 

Natalie has nestled under the experienced wing of Wolfgang Mustain to learn more of the technical side of photography and has worked with some of the industry greats including Tony McGee, Barry Latigon and Willy Camden . 

 “I love to use natural light in all of my work and that requires me to find a equilibrium point between my photographer’s instincts for a picture and the technical skills to maximize the shot’s potential”

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