Cory Mason: New AAG Model

The front double biceps pose is simply perfect for this 21-year-old bodybuilder and his imposingly massive arms. Cory Mason comes to AllAmericanGuys from the state of Ohio. He's a personal trainer, student and works as a supervisor in the retail business. He's a very clean cut kind of guy - no smoking, drinking or doing drugs - never has tried doing any of those in his life. On the other hand, he enjoys being fit and healthy and spending time in the gym. Cory was discovered by an AAG scout while competing at a bodybuilding show. He describes himself as a romantic, and loves going for long walks under the stars when he's in a relationship. He also enjoys "mud running". That's probably how he builds up his amazing lower physique.

Age at date of debut on AllAmericanGuys: 21 years
Height: 5'10, weight: 185
Hobbies: Working out, training people
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite color: Blue
Most admired body part: Legs

You find many more high quality photos and videos of Cory Mason here on AllAmericanGuys.

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