Rihanna and Kate Moss, incendiary pictorial: Naked and entwined on the cover of V magazine

British singer and top model appearing in a nude pictorial fighting done by renowned photographer Mario Testino for V magazine's U.S. edition.
Rihanna and Kate Moss caused a sensation by posing nude for the cover of the March issue of American fashion magazine V.

American magazine V fashion has made its Coverage more attractive. Meet Rihanna and Kate Moss for the cover of the March issue of the American magazine V fashion, is the idea of the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino.
The two stars have landed in what may be called the "SM held" or not required at all in the photographer's lens.

The magazine does not beat around the bush in the provocation department. When they do not have whips in hand, the two models feel pretty close as suggested by a V where you can see Rihanna and Kate Moss naked in lascivious positions. Some pictures are already visible on the site V while pictures were then removed by Rihanna unveiled in November 2012. The singer had posted these pictures on Instagram without prior authorization work Testino. "I've posted because I was super excited stated Rihanna. I was really embarrassed to remove them because they were so great. The fact that they have been hacked to show how people wanted to see this coverage."

In one photo, Rihanna wearing black leather lingerie under a black jacket, while Kate Moss embraces the empty, informs the website femalefirst.co.uk quoted on Thursday.
In another photo, Rihanna is one that is completely naked, holding her arms around Kate Moss posing in underwear. During the third photo, singer plays a dominant female, while Kate Moss poses before her, still in underwear, mimicking walking a cat.

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