Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood Poses Naked At 71

The famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, aged 71, was left naked immortalized for nudes exhibition of German photographer Juergen Teller.

 Photo session took place almost three years ago, but that does not make Vivienne less bold. In fact, even then there was a young man. Proud of what came out, fashion designer wanted to participate in the exhibition, which took place a few days ago, the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. Vivienne Westwood was present at the opening of the gallery, with her husband, Andreas.
Labeled as the most non-conformist famous designer, Vivienne Westwood revolutionizes fashion with her unique style. “Sex Pistols” decided to wear Vivienne Westwood’s creations, thus giving birth to punk in fashion.
Vivienne Westwood received a prestigious award from Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to fashion.
"It was a great experience. Photo shoot took place at the home of Vivienne, on a Sunday afternoon. I was amazed to discover what has beautiful skin! When you take pictures of people in age, you expect to have skin full of wrinkles, but it is not so! “Photographer Juergen Teller said.
But Westwood insists she was not naked when she posed for Teller. ‘I was wearing lipstick,’ she said when asked how it felt to be snapped with no knickers. ‘Fashion is about eventually being naked,’ the iconic redheaded designer believes.
In the words of Vivienne herself, “Fashion is about eventually being naked.”

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