Johnny Depp dumped by bisexual girlfriend Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp is depressed after bisexual girlfriend Amber Heard left him — and went on holiday with another woman, who is a 26 year old stunning model.

Actor aged 49, and his girlfriend of 26 years, would be separated after a relationship that lasted seven months. Amber ended the seven month romance with Depp, flew to France with another stunning model named Marie de Villepin, daughter of ex-French premier Dominique.
She is said to have ditched Johnny over his moods and grown “very close” to Marie.
Pals said the actor, 49 — Tonto in a new Lone Ranger movie — is “cut up” as they had even discussed starting a family.
One said: “He hasn’t been this smitten for a long time.
“He’s been head-over-heels in love with Amber. But just as she started to love him back, she got cold feet.
“They seemed happy and were even talking of marriage and babies.
“But Amber grew fed up of him and his moods.”
Amber and Marie have frequently been seen together as they spend a week in the romantic French capital.
They have headed out for cinema dates on Marie’s scooter.
The pair were introduced last October by Amber’s artist ex-girlfriend Tasya Van Ree, 36. The source added: “They’re very close and some friends say they’re a couple.”

Depp talked about his relationship with bisexual Amber in June, immediately after the actor separated from his wife, singer and actress Vanessa Paradis. Johnny and Amber met on the set of the film "The Rum Diary" and their relationship lasted until recently, when Amber Ana decided that she wanted to remain single. Although Depp would have made ​​several attempts to re-enter his grace, they were unsuccessful. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - who have two children together: Lily Rose, 13, and Jack, aged 10 years - were separated in June 2012, after 14 years of marriage and at the end of several months of speculation about their relationship breakdown.

Source: The Sun

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