Nicole Kidman bruised while filming sex scenes for Paperboy

Bursting with passion, Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman broke loose on camera. He forgot everything and all, and exceeded all expectations scenes shot. The actress bruised by the violent sex scenes in her last release ‘The Paperboy’

Although filled with bruises on the legs, Nicole Kidman was not thought to stop filming, a sign that is dedicated to his profession, body and soul. She wanted the sex scenes filled with crazy, starring in her latest film "The Paperboy" is truly incendiary.
Although even the director wanted to stop filming at one point, fearing she had been hurt during the graphic action, but the 45-year-old actress did not want to waste. The Oscar winning actress insisted to carry on and she needed make-up the next day to cover her bruises. Co-star John Cusack, who plays a prisoner on death row, said that some shots were too explicit for the harrowing drama.
"There's a lot more scenes in there that was cut out, believe me. I was afraid I was hurting her, but she was more fearless than me. "We shot the rough intimate scene on day one, and I barely knew her. Next day, Nicole showed up with bruises all over her legs," he said.
Source: The Sun
See the ‘The Paperboy’ Trailer here:

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