Samrat-Mehjabin in telefilm for the first time

Lux superstar Mehjabin and legendary actor Razzak’s son Samrat will be seen for the first time in a telefilm named “Sei Somoy.”

Model cum actress Mehjabin and film hero Samrat have performed together in a telefilm. The name of the telefilm is “Sei Somoy.” The telefilm was directed by Enith Farhan and Khan Sohel. Enith Farhan and Ehtesham Ahmed jointly wrote the script of the telefilm under adaptation of Khan Sohel’s story.
The telefilm Sei Somoy’s shooting has begun on January 6 at a shooting house in the city’s Uttara area.
Besides acting in big screen, Samrat also did several TV plays and modeling. On the other hand, model and actress Mehjabin is also passing busy days with modeling and acting in TV plays. 
In the story, Samrat acted as a painter and Mehjabin as a school teacher. It will be seen that Murad Ahsan (Samrat), who is a painter, once met with a school teacher named Naina (Mehjabin). Murad drews Naina’s face on his canvas, which impressed her. Then they started to love each other. After knowing that Naina would no longer survive in this world Murad came forward. He started to raise fund for arrangement of her treatment by selling his paintings.
While shearing his feelings about this telefilm Samrat said, “Basically I performed in role of my father’s (Razzak) young age in this telefilm. Story of this telefilm is nice. Although both the directors are new, they worked hard to make it successful. I hope it will be a good one.”
“In this telefilm, my work was absolutely different than others. For this reason, I had to read the whole script before acting. Everybody including Samrat bhai supported me well,” said Mehjabin.
Besides these two actors, legendary actor Razzak, Mita Nur, Bipasha Kabir, Tanvir and other actors performed in this telefilm.
It may be mentioned that Samrat acted exceptional movies - “Ayna Kahini,” directed by Razzak, and “Tumi Aamar Ke?” directed by Nur Mohammad Moni, are set to be released soon.
On ther other hand, shooting of Mehjabin acted first movie “Porobashini,” which is being directed by Swapan Ahmed, is going on now, according to Mehjabin.
Source: The New Nation

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