The wait is over: Barbie was naked! Images sensational!

Valeria Lukyanov, one of the most famous women "Barbie Doll," in the world came finally in the position much desired by thousands of fans: to pose almost naked.

Barbie doll life is not at all simple, and not because she would go every day to work, where a chief presses hard to complete different tasks, but she work hard at ... makeup. In order to create a look like that of Barbie doll, Valeria spend more than five hours every day.
Barbie Dolls bikini pictures
If we think further than that, such as the personal care, this change resulted in money and hours because  thousands of euros spent monthly to keep fit. And because time and money is not consumed in vain ucrainianca recently was photographed almost naked, wearing only a tiny bathing suit and posted pictures on the internet, much to the delight of fans.

Barbie Doll images

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