Cool and Funny Prints on T-Shirts

Here are some super cool and funny prints on T-Shirts.
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My girlfriend says I need to be more affectionate... So now I've got two girlfriends.
If you are rich, I am single.
I'm lost. Please take me home with you?
Today's To Do List
1. Read email
2. Play solitaire
3. Surf the web
4. Read email
5. Attend meeting
6. Read email
7. Play solitaire
8. Surf the web
9. Go home
18% Monday
23% Tuesday
25% Wednesday
22% Thursday
12% Friday
If I'm so smart....why do I work here?
I'm a programmar
I'm a programer
I'm a programmor
I write code.
Error Message
Smash head on Keyboard to Continue...
Yes    No
Intil inside, idiot outside.
Conserve WATER, drink BEER!

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