Leah Francis want to have sex with Cristiano Ronaldo, photos and video

A fan of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo want to have sex with him on the kitchen table but  only for one time. The hot fan is none other then the British model Leah Francis. But the superstar refused the sex proposal of Leah Francis as he wants to focus only on Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.
Leah Francis, the sex bomb of Britain
Prtogiuse soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo received some time ago an indecent proposal from a fan. Leah Francis has proposed a Portuguese sex on her kitchen table. proposal made ​​by the supermodel Unique in English comes after a sexy pictorial that appeared in the magazine "Zoo Magazine". "want to have sex with him on the kitchen table, not will regret any second spent with me, "said the young impressive bust. Unfortunately for Leah, the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo did not take into account the proposal. The Portuguese wants to focus only on Irina Shayk, his current fiancee.

Leah Francis' Rude & Nude Shoot-ZOO by sunny_edge
Let's see some hot and sexy topless pictures of Leah Francis, who offered sex to Cristiano Ronaldo:

Nude Leah Francis

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