Tamara Ecclestone 'so proud' of 'Playboy' shoot

Tamara Ecclestone, 28, the daughter of British billionaireand Formula One Racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone, graces the cover of Playboy's  May 2013 issue covered in diamonds. Tamara Ecclestone is a British socialite, television personality and model. Her Father, Bernie Ecclestone is the fourth richest man in the U.K. and mother Slavica, who was a former model of Armani.
Brilliant! It can be summarized Tamara Ecclestone pictorial in Playboy magazine. The new issue of the magazine contains a pictorial sexy bow tie with Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, F1 boss. Tamara hides nothing and feels very relaxed in photos for the famous magazine devoted to men.
Dubbed "The Diamond Heiress" by the magazine, the voluptuous 28-year-old model lies nude with her private parts covered in sparkling rocks on the cover of the issue, which she's thrilled over. As you see, Tamara hides nothing and shows it all in a photo essay that is taking much worldwide.
See the pictures below:
She owns a $45 million mansion in Kensington.

Prince William and Duchess Kate are the neighbors  of Tamara 

The blonde girl, Tamara Ecclestone confessed that she enjoyed the photoshoot of Playboy magazines May 2013's issue.

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