World's best boobs, 2013

A UK magazine has done a survey about the most beautiful breasts in the world. Here we provide you with the best five hot and sexy ladies topless pictures who nominated by the megazine as the worlds most beautiful boobs 2013.

One hundred women were rated by men, of course. Thus, 2013 was a lucky year for British Lucy Pinder. Nuts Magazine did a real parade of breasts, which was just devoured by over two million men.
5th, best breasts in the world, 2013
Danielle Sharp, ranked as fifth position for her beautiful breasts 
4th, best breasts in the world, 2013
Emma Glover, ranked as fourth for her beautiful breasts
3rd, best breasts in the world, 2013
Stacey Poole, ranked as third for her beautiful breasts
2nd, best breasts in the world, 2013
Lucy Pinder, ranked as second for her beautiful breasts
1st, best breasts in the world, 2013
Lucy Pinder is a model from United Kingdom aged 30 years. He has over ten years experience in British showbiz. She started her career from a very happy accident. It is located on the beach in 2003, when a photographer took photos of her without her knowing. Well, those pictures helped her to sign a contract with the tabloid "Daily Star" as a model.
She participated in the reality show "I'm famous, but terrified". After it she participated in Big Brother show in Britain. Posed for the cover of various magazines for men and earned money from scrolling for large fashion houses in the world.
Caution! Invasion of breasts! You should eat in moderation!

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