Cristiano was fascinated by my butt- Miss BumBum, Andressa Urach

Football- Real Madrid’s Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo had an affair with "Miss BumBum" two days before the match against Dortmund? Andressa Urach is formal, she slept with the Portuguese. Ronaldo betrays girlfriend Irina Shayk!
Brazilian model Andressa Urach
The Brazilian Andressa Urach, recently voted "Miss BumBum" for its beneficial forms, have spent a torrid night with Cristiano Ronaldo at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid, two days before facing Dortmund in the semi-finals of the Champions League.
"I always thought that Cristiano is one of the most beautiful men in the world, so I was very surprised when it came in contact with me, she told the Sun. His body was perfect, like a Greek god. He had enough and was fascinated by my ass. "
Andressa Urach hot pic
The Portuguese star of Real Madrid immediately denied the accusations on Twitter. "I am deeply outraged by these allegations trying in vain to ruin my privacy. I was actually at this hotel on April 22 to give an interview to Manu Sainz. He can confirm. Everything else is pure fabrication and a lie. "
The soccer star also posted on his Facebook account on Saturday that he was “deeply outraged” by the report from “Miss BumBum,” Andressa Urach.

“I was informed that the newspaper, ‘The Sun’ published an article where is given voice to a so called Andressa, someone seeking the limelight on my account,” he wrote. “And I wonder why this happens one day before a very important game for my team… Deeply outraged by a situation intended, in vain to ruin my privacy, I just want to clarify that I was actually at this hotel on April 22 to give an interview to Manu Sainz, something the reporter himself is able to corroborate. Everything else is pure fiction and forgery.”

Irina Shayk, the Russian supermodel girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, is fine after he denied cheating rumors with Andressa Urach.
See some hot and sexy photos of Miss BumBum, Andressa Urach below:
Andressa Urach hot images

Andressa Urach hot model

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