Lonely But Not Alone...

It saddens me to know
that you don't talk to me no more

It turns my heart to stone
each time you left me alone

how did it end this way?
can't you please stay...?

I don't wanna lose you
not before I die too

I didn't believe you'd do this
rip my heart to bits
I didn't believe you'd do this
'cause I was so masochist

I'm a fucking coward
for my happiness won't last an hour

I hide in self-pity
for my scars are too filthy

If you hear my sobs in the night
remember for you I'd fight

You had me at the palm of your hand
yet, alone, you made me stand

The light in your eyes
have riddled my cries
the light in your eyes
turned yourself to a lie

Not one person can take your place

yet anyone knows your disgrace

They all have a presence
yet only yours I can sense
I've made myself blind
leaving only YOU in my mind

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