Lonely Poem: Lonely Girl

That lonely girl over there is a misfit.
She cannot do anything without
Making a mistake.
Everyone thinks she's trash 
To be thrown away and 
Be forgotten like dirt.

Always lonely, always lonely.
Why doesn't anyone help her
from her darkness?

"I'm fine," a lie through
Clenched teeth.
No one asks her how
She feels at all.

Just alone, just alone.
There's nowhere she can
Go at all to be safe.
There's nothing she can 
Do to be praised for at all.

Why can't she be saved at all?

Forever alone, forever alone.

"Can I please speak no--?"
Shut up stupid girl,
Shut up stupid girl.
You're not even worth listening to!
"Why are you living?"
"Is your life worth it?"
There's nothing I can do
Without a cruel remark of my life.

Forever alone, the misfit girl is.
There's nothing she can be seen
In a good light.

Why does everyone ignore and 
Continue to hurt her?

"I'm just fine," is a 
Lie through clenched teeth.
Nobody praises her for anything.

Why doesn't anyone help her 
To stop her crying?
Will someone please help her?

"Excuse me, excuse me?
I'm going to speak now."
Shut up lonely girl!
Shut up lonely girl!
You're bothering us right now!

"Why do you cry?"

"I just don't know."

The misfit girl is lonely in tears. 
Just die, lonely girl!

Don't die,
Don't die.
Please just live for now!
I'm here now, 
I'm here right now.
I will never leave you alone anymore!
Don't worry,
I love you.
I'll love you if no one else shall.
So please, stop your painful and lonely tears
Right now!

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