Lonely Poem: Lonely Path

The more compelling a path,
The more lonely it seems,
It guides the way true,
But is reclusive in theme.

Follow it close by,
Try not to go astray,
It's boulevard undeniable,
Will never go away.

It's paved with the dreams,
Of the loved and the hated,
And are used as a walkway,
For those yet to have faded.

So we continue this tread,
Eternal and unending,
Completion is improbable to most,
They find no use in pretending.

But faith will keep some here,
Always has and always will,
Not to be mistaken with naivety,
Where you can't see beyond the hill.

The hill of despair and dejection,
Hope will be your eyes,
Those afflicted by anguish,
Are blind to this prize.

This prize of escape,
This prize of resolve,
For the end of this path,
The prize is love.

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