Lonely Poem: The Lonely Traveler

I have travelled far and wide. 
In search of peace beside.
I have seen creatures big and strange.
From creepy crawlers to trees and grange. 

I have seen beautiful women all around.
In search of love, nowhere to be found.
I have seen birds that sing all day.
Their song without a scar or nay.

I have seen men risking their lives in honor.
Their brides sitting and crying in a corner.
I have seen babies crying for a drop of milk.
Covered in some old ladies warm silk.

I have seen children play in their darkest hour.
Even though dead are their mother and father.
I have seen people cry for silly things.
For a bottle of whiskey or a bee sting.

I have seen a world of endless possibilities.
But not men with simple abilities.
In this miniscule world of glitz and fashion.
Not even one heart with an endless passion.

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