Video: Kate Moss poses nude for fake tan giant St Tropez

The self-tanning brand St Tropez has allocated the services of the famous top Kate Moss for its latest campaign. At age 39, the top British decided to reveal all of her gorgeous body, also with a few poses in swimsuit to promote St Tropez brand which is the new face.
To extol the virtues of self-tanning brand St Tropez Kate Moss decided to prove that she has no trace of tan, really no. The British top posing naked for the brand.
"I use St Tropez since its launch, there are more than fifteen years," says the model on the product website, adding: "The first time I went to Ibiza, I do not want to be the only white person on the beach.” In the video for promotion, "twig" poses, lightly tanned body.
This is not the first time that Kate Moss has the opportunity to prove that the age of 39, her curves are intact. Earlier this year, the British made ​​the front page of the March issue of V magazine, a monthly American fashion. In one of the most sensual photo shoot, the model appeared in the company of singer Rihanna.

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