A Lonely Love Poem

A Lonely Love Poem

It may be true
that I have many friends
Who will be with me
till the very end

But there are a few things
they do not know
Like when it comes to girls
I feel pain and sorrow

The pain of a lost girl
whose best friend's mean to me
And the sorrow of another girl
whom I rarely ever see

I try to find others
but I'm afraid I will fall
Because they have someone else
and I don't matter at all.

But very few other girls
open up to me
Because they know that I would never
try something funny

Regardless, though,
I am lonely as heck
And if I don't find true love soon
My heart will be wrecked

No one from high school,
no one around my home...
No one remembers me at all;
I am alone.

They all moved on
and found significant others
Even my best friend
has a true lover

But I am alone
and will remain as such
until one girl will say
she loves me very much

Tears run down my eyes
as I continue to type this
Because I know in my heart
that ignorance is bliss

And that no one will even care
about who I am or what I've done
But please, take the time to read this--
I need someone!

And this poem will stay up
forever if it must,
For someone to realize
that this is not lust.

No, it's a feeling
of loneliness and desperation
Because the feeling of love to me
is a glorious sensation

One that I wish to feel
one I want to hold dear
but probably never will
because of my fear

The fear of that girl
already belonging to some other
Sometimes I don't know
why I even bother...

But I am lonely,
and I need love too...
Please, I need a girl
to tell me--


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