Lonely Poem: A Lonely Cry

The river swirls a graceful mood,
   She sits with anxious gaze.
The flaxen hair floats with the wind,
   Her thoughts a tangled maze.

A dragonfly beats dazzling colour,
   Voracious, hunting prey.
She watches, blue eyes wondrous
   As it dances through the day.

Soft breezes then caress her cheek
   From willow as they spill,
To find a sad expression,
   Set firm by another's will.

A butterfly rests upon her hand,
   She drops her head to see
The delicacy of its beauty,
   And envious that it's free.

Her tear-stained face looks to the sky,
   A desperate, pleading stare.
Returned to her was emptiness,
   No one to nurse her care.

A young life in the balance,
   Now inured by nature's cry
All thoughts turn deadly inwards
   One solution left, to die.

The knife she held with sun-flashed blade,
   Now pointing at her chest.
Soft whimper from her trembling lips,
   Swift plunge to final rest.

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