Lonely Poem: Lonely Soul

Here on the frozen earth I stand

Wondering what happened to my great land

The thunder of dragons in the sky I hear

Cannot be cured by the angels tear

As the blood of the innocents falls from my hand

The death toll around me is quite grand

Seeking companionship in a lonely state

I'll never be cured at this rate

Ghosts of friends surround my  mistake

As i listen to their hearts ache

Mothers, Fathers and children cry

Whispering the hope that I may soon die

These fields of tears need no more sorrow

As i cannot promise them of another tomorrow

My path begins again as i leave this place

Hopefully to start again with out disgrace

Mother, Father? Can you see my sins?

Aren't you happy of you're fellow kin?

Your bastard son has killed once more

Leaving nothing behind but despair and gore

I am monstrosity to the full extent

I have nothing to gain, nor nothing to resent

As i leave the village of lost hope and will

I begin to wonder what's next to kill

More innocent creatures that show no harm?

More families that live and prosper on farms?

For a monster like me, what is my goal?

To become nothing but a lonely soul....

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