Lonely Poem: Mr. And Mrs. Lonely

There She Sits.
In The Back Of Class,
Drawing Her Beautiful Pictures.

She Has Never Shown Them To Anyone,
Not Even Her Parents.

Ever Since Middle School,
She Has Always Kept To Herself.

And There He Sits,
In The Opposite Corner Of The Room,
Writing His Fantastic Poems.

He Doesn't Like Showing Them To Others Now,
Because Of One Tragic Response.

He Enjoys What He Does,
Even Though No One Else Will.

But Today,
Both Of Their Lives Changed.

She Was Drawing Too Rough,
And He Was Writing Too Harsh.

Both Of Their Pencils Snapped.

And When They Asked For A New Pencil,
They Reached For The Same One.

And Ever Since That Day,
She's In Love With His Vocabulary,
He's In Love With Her Shading,
And Because Of Each Other,
They're Known All Over The World,

Mr. And Mrs. Lonely.

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