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 Night Has Gone and the MOON too. SUN has Arrived with the SKY blue. Open your Beautiful EYES, There is a SMS for you, "Good Morning".

 "Relations and Ego both are interconnected The First Fails if the second is hurt, And The Second Fails if the First Succeeds" Gud Morning..

 "Every Sunrise Delivers Opportunities, While Every Sunset Asks What We Did With Opportunities"? Make The Best Today HAPPY "GOOD MORNING".
 DIFFICULTY is like a bag full of Cotton, HEAVY to those who SEE it.. AND LIGHT for those who HANDLE it Have a Great day. "Good Morning".
 WAKE UP!It`s Morning time open your Room`s Door because HAPPINESS & SUCCESS are waiting to Welcome u in a New DAY "Good Morning".....
 I`m crossing my fingers that you asked me on a coffee date because you`re a sober alcoholic as opposed to unemployed. "Good Morning".

 Let`s tell people we voted because of the worldwide financial meltdown rather than the free cup of Starbucks coffee. "Good Morning".

 Sun is happy..Moon is angry..Why..?Because,Moon is missing uand Sun is wishing u.A special Good morning.Have a wonderfull day.

 Cool Morning Breeze And Pearly Dew Drops, Waving Green Leaves And Flowers Blossom, All Bring Joy and Say, To Start a "GOOD MORNING".

 Forget the pain, Leave all things that feel you bad, Open your charming EYES,... The WORLD is waiting for your smile. "Good morning".

If you really want to give someone a gift, Then give respect, Attention and care, No one likes more than this "GOOD MORNING"

I made it a morning show. We have the coffee cup, we have the morning papers. It`s got that feel to it, that`s what I wanted. "Good Morning".

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