Lonely Poem: The Darkness is a Lonely Place

The Darkness is a Lonely Place

The darkness is a lonely place, one that makes you feel cold.
But one such as I feels welcome to such a place,
Whenever I hear its legend told.

'Tis a good place to be when one wants to be alone,
And also when one wishes to feel free.
For there is no familiar guardian watching you over,
Just a gleaming marble eye, the wind, and a black sea.

Unfortunately, few have heard its tale,
For it lingers only when children dream.
So why don't you walk out one fateful night,
And watch in wonder as your vicinity gleams.

Now you may say "But I fear the dark!", and dismay my yearning request,
But let me just tell you a little secret of mine,
Not ten months ago, the dark was my fear, the best.
I feared it as a child, all until then,
That's when I saw its Queen.
She appeared one night, saddened that she was so dismayed,
It was quite the compelling scene.

So one night I decided,
I shall face my fears (though with closed eyes  ).
I walked through shadow without looking back,
And when I looked, I was surprised.

For several days after, through transforming of a child mind, I repeated that in practice.
And soon after that, it came to be that my fear of dark I could dismiss.

So walk outside one night,
And calmly gaze at the sky,

My story is done, my time is over,
Now I say "Farewell.", *bow*, and goodbye.

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