Lonely Poem: A Lonely Night

Here I am again in another sleepness night,
I wouldn't want to be dreaming even if I could,
Down this tunnel of queries, no end in sight,
This night's filled with thoughts bad and good...

I can't help but think, is this how people are supposed to be?

WONDER this, how much worse can we people be to each other?
ABOUT now is the time we have to think about change for the better.
SOCIETY is starting be more of 'every man for himself'.
I wonder about society.

I can remember all these things that happened in the past.

When I think about this, it takes me back to happier moments.
But everyone's past also has its share of sadnesses.
On a lonely night, I take trips to this, my former present times, as well.

Past loves.

I find myself thinking about this more than the other two.
I ponder what went wrong, if there was anything I could do.
Each one a different case, each had different mistakes.
When added together, they form the perfect heartbreak.

So much to think about, so much coming to me,

In my most quiet times, this is all in my head,
Will I be able to sleep at all, yeah, eventually.
When I close my eyes, I'll have dreams instead.

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