Lonely Poem: Lonely Valentine

My lonely heart is bleeding,
as I face a loveless life.
And the pain of being alone,
stabs through my chest like a knife.
I see happy couples around me,
and it really tears up my soul.

Everyone else but me is loved,
as my heart sinks into a black hole.
Nobody cares about me,
they are happy and they laugh.
Whilst I watch in isolation,
as my heart is sawed in halves.

The blades of sheer loneliness,
tear away at the bleeding flesh.
Until I'm left with nothing,
just a pool of bloody mess.
My heart had a chance with no one,
it has sadly gone to waste.
As my soul sits in the corner,
alone in a quiet space.

The torture of being alive,
with no one to hold dear.
Is a pain that is unbearable,
just like your biggest fear.
And now my soul is dying,
is there no hope from above?
Nobody seems to realise,
because they are too much in love.

I guess that I'll just vanish,
there's no chance for love here.
And once again I'll have no one,
it will be the same next year.

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