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Behind very successful student there is one good teacher. But what about failed student ? A beautiful teacher.

It's the second best thing that a women can keep in her mouth to avoid pregnancy. Now don't ask what's the first thing.

Soldiers wife send a nude photo daily u her husband with both legs wide open wife: I will wait like this still you come. Husband: That's k who's taking the photo.

A famous philosopher said: a man who goes to sleep with "sex in mind" wakes up with the "solution" in hand.

Tow sperms are talking to each other
1st one says"when I develop I will become a doctor
2nd says"when I develop I will be an engineer for sure.
The man goes to toilet and shakking his big penny. They both says the idiot spoiled our career.

Why Gandhi smiles on every rupees and Lincoln don't smile in dollars? Because American woman don't keep there money in blouse

Never play with girls heart she has only 1 heart so play with her boobs she has two!!!

Some famouse quotes in T-shirts of girls. Touch here if u dare-weapons of mass destruction-looking free touching costs-sure for pure milk-for sale-now more tastier and healthier-handle with care-tasted by experts-hot to handle-shake well before use-can make boneless things hard- no one can use just once-no network coverage on hills-squeeze it.

Blind boy giving sweets to all girls all came from bathroom without dress to get sweets knowing he's blind. Girls: what is special Blind: I got my eye!!!!!!!

If your boss says: nothing is impossible ask him to wear a condom after sex.

Life without friends like boobs without nipples.

Why girls love gold than boys? Any guess because, gold has 24 carrot, but a boys has only one carrot. Moral : take care of your carrot.

Girls are the best engine in world., fits all size of piston, self lubricating, start with finger touch, automatic monthly oil change, best mileage in 3-4 drop, powerful double horns, comfortable seats, what a fantastic vehicle..! Start with sexy vehicle

Lecture in a medical college classroom: "man's sperms contains gluvose"1 of the female student had genuine doubt and ask then y its doesn't taste sweet???

Girl: I have done sex with 4 boys and you have done it with 8 girls, still everybody calls me a slut and call u real man.
Boy: very easy when a lock is opened by many keys, it becomes a bad lock. but when a key opens many locks it becomes the master key.

Teacher: why sperm donation is more expensive than blood donation?
Student: simple, hand made things are always costly.

Do you like maths.if so add a bed subtract your clothes, divide your legs and can we multiply...

Method to Avoid Aids: wear double condom with chille powder in between. If outer breaks she will shout. If inner breaks you will shout.. create AIDS awarenes.

You may love your girlfriend very deeply but you cannot express it more then 6-7 inches deep.

Smart guy to a sexy girl: let me fuck you just 1 time, I will be quick and paying you 20,000. I will throw the money on the floor and pick it up all, I will be done. Girl likes her proposal and she calls her bf. Bf: its fine, but ask for 30000 and be very quick to pick the money. After 4 hours bf calls her and asks what happened? Girl: the bastard is still fucking me. He brought all coins. Lesson: please read the documents carefully before investing.

Here is a tricky question for guys, suppose, you're in a bed sleeping between a really beautiful girl in a gay guy, which side will you turn your ass to?

A girl started to look at her pussy, she got excited and she gently smoothened the hair, then started rubbing it. At one point she went mad and rubbed her pussy violently, until the pussy said meow. Poor little pussy cat..

Doctor to lady: you are looking so weak and exhausted. Are you properly taking 3 meals a day as I advised? Lady: oh. My god I heard 3 males per day..

Mechanic wife gives birth to a baby. Wife sends sms to husband "your spare parts had been delivered". Husband: with gear or without gear.

Just remember that all men are millionaires at least by their sperm count, the funniest thing is even these millions are spent for a girl.

One boy took a girl to an empty house. The girl was too hot and she was wearing a transparent dress through which everything was visible. The girl lies on the bed and spread her leg. Boy went near to her and removed. To be continued. Recharge to my number and enjoy in next episode.

What is tension?
A beautiful girl asks lift from you. On the way she fall ill and you take her to hospital.
Doctor says: you're going to become father.
You get tensed. You say: but that baby is not mine.
Girl says: he is only father of my baby. You have more tension.
Police come and medical checkup is done. Report comes which says that you can never become a father.
Even more tension for you, anyhow you thank god and return home. Then you think, at home I have 2 kids whose are those? This is real tension.

Prostitution is the only industry where fresher's are paid more than the experienced.

Lips and boobs complained to pussy. You are the target of everyman, for you only we are sucked, bitten and squeezed. Pussy cried I remain hidden; it's you two who always invite troubles.

Wife: how do I increase the size if my breast?
Husband: rub toilet paper between them every day.
Wife: would it work? Husband: well it worked for your ass.

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