Sexy Sms Messages

Teacher: What should be in a book to make it a best seller?
Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl

A husband was asked: Do u talk to your wife after masti ?
His answer: Depends, if I can find a phone.

What Are 2 Most Impossible Work Of World??
1- To Put A Pregnant Lady In A Nano Car.
2- To Make Any lady Pregnant In A Nano Car.

A quote written on the front of a girl T-shirt: Did you really look here, only for reading this?

An Egyptian girl asked an Indian boy, what could you do for me? Indian boy replied come behind the pyramid; I will make you a mummy.

Poisonous bra=cobra, mathematical bra=algebra, sun sign bra=Libra, animal bra=zebra, improve your knowledge, because you know only one bra.

Boy1: why did the grammar teacher slap that boy?
Boy2: Because he asked, why is bra singular, when it cover two items and panties plural when it covers only one item?

An Arab was interviewed at us checkpoint.
Name please? Mansoor khan.
Sex? Six times a week.
I mean male or female? Doesn't matter sometimes even camel.
Holy cow. Yes, cow and dog too. Man, isn't that hostile? Yes, horse style, dog style any style.
Oh dear - deer? No deer, they run fast.

What is height of pressure? A man fucking his girlfriend in doggy style and keeping a laptop on her back to complete his office work.

Aunty after done sex with a young boy. Hey why didn't you wear a condom? Young boy:O aunty, the pack said do not use is the seal is already broken.

Man1: hey where did u get this new cycle?
Man2: in the park, I saw a beautiful girl and she took me to a lonely spot on her cycle and removed all her cloths and said, take anything you want.
Man1: then?
Man2: I took her cycle.
Man1: you are right; her cloths will not fit for you.

A guy who helps in removing girls dress during sex, will never help her putting dress back after sex.

Why the western countries r ahead of us they keep their minds in work and their penis in pussy, but we keep pussy in our mind and penis in our hands

The most irritatable message: On the day of your marriage, at 12 midnight one of your friend sending message...
dude what are you doing.!

Girl: In the month all the day I can kiss you expect that 3 days.
Boy: y?
girl: In that 3 days, I will be very weak, so I cant hug and kiss you.
boy: If you spend 5 mins with me and my room, I can postpone your periods to next 10 months.

A boy went to a sexy hotel order one cup milk the lady waiter suddenly opens her tops, bra, and ask him to drink! He thought, Thank god..! I didn't ask water.

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