Lonely Poem: Another Lonely Evening

I've spent too many nights in empty beds,
wishing for half-smoked cigarettes and
lashings of liquor to lighten my morbid mood.

Come, help me fill the lonely spaces.
Join in my game of charades and we'll
take a guess at what it is flitting before my eyes.

Come here my love, and wash away the
simple silences that sulk in the back of my mind.
Fill my days with your voice, oh please.

I've had enough of you dancing like a diva
through my dreams, trying desperately to weave a
spell to make me love you without a lost cause.

I'm already yours, I've lit this flickering flame
in a few too many frivolous fantasies.
Please try not to snuff it out this time.

Won't you just look at me, sweetie? See the
lie that lingers before your eyes, stop
telling yourself that I'm a perfect princess.

Won't you see me for who I am?
I'm just a fuck-up full of failures and
fear, frequently longing to be lovable.

Let's curl up in a duvet of delicious desires
and dare to dream of futures together instead of
pointless pasts, painful pretenses and hollow hopes.

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