Lonely Poem: The Lonely Wait

The Lonely Wait
By: Serenity-Snow

Alone she sits
Watching the floor
In the entrance hall
Back against one wall
Knees against the other

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting
For someone to come
A person she loves
Who is incredibly late
Never this late

Watching for headlights
Watching for break lights
Silent tears fall
Silent to the floor
Some yet unshed

Every bang, ever rumble
Lifts her spirits
Lifts her hopes
That her loved one
At last is home

Disappointment waits
At the front door
When she realizes
She was wrong
They are not yet home

She resumes her wait
On the carpeted steps
Very much alone
In the pitch black house
Just her and her prison

She thinks the worst
Worrying about an accident
On a back road
On the highway
On the way home

She lays her head
Against the wall
Listening intently 
For something
She’s sure won’t come

The phone rings
She springs up
Wondering if the call
Is her loved one
Telling her what’s wrong

The caller id reads
A foreign number
Not their cell phone number
She hesitates
Unsure if she should answer

CPD seems familiar
Like a number that
She should know
She lifts the phone
And says hello

The voice
Not one she knows
Speaks softly
There is no mistaking
What he says

Slowly she crumbles
To the floor
CPD is City Police Department
Telling her, her loved on
Is not coming home

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