Mister Athletic 2013

They have lifted weights intensely, have eaten properly, and have led a very disciplined lifestyle to build a maximally sculpted physique. 80 young fitness enthusiasts and aspiring models are competing for becoming Mister Athletic 2013, a spectacular vote presented by the new fitness shop Arnold24.com. The voting consists of a preselection (80 competitors, October 9-19) and a final (15 competitors, October 21-31), and is taken by the visitors of Arnold24.com and an expert panel (fifty-fifty). The winner of the first prize will be proclaimed on November 2, and will get a one-year sponsoring of Big Zone worth 1,000 Euro. Other winners can look forward to outfit and equipment of Gym Aesthetics and to a big photo shooting in Berlin.

You can decide who will make it to the finals. On http://www.arnold24.com/misterathletic2013 all 80 competitors are featured with photos and videos, and show off their imposingly ripped physiques. Choose your favorite athletes, and click on the Facebook button "Gefรคllt mir" (Like).

The Mister Athletic 2013 voting: http://www.arnold24.com/misterathletic2013

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