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Since day one, we clicked. It was you and me against everyone. You and me who got along better than anybody, you and me, always. Best friends. But when HE came along, everything changed. You started distancing yourself and would never come around if he was. But you were still ALWAYS here for me, always the one I could talk to about anything, and laugh for hours with. We always had something more, no matter who we both had around. Even if we never admitted it, we both felt it. But things between us grew stronger and stronger, until finally you broke and told me. We both thought we could stay the same, and the next time we were alone together, you tried to kiss me. Looked into my eyes and made the first move. But I was too wrapped up with him to even give you a chance, I was too afraid to let you in. Too afraid that I would fall for you, or that I would realize how much better you were for me than him. Everything changed that night. You never looked at me the same, and didn't talk to me for months. You told me I was an idiot for staying with him, and said you could give me everything that he could never give me. You said I deserved better, that I deserved you. You told me you couldn't be in my life if he was still in the picture. It killed you. I let our relationship slip through my fingers and only realized it when it was too late. I never care when people walk out of my life, I'm used to it. But with you it's different. Now you're killing me, you chose her, and continue to ignore me.. When all I want is you to look at me like that again. I would give anything to go back and fix that night. I would give anything to help you forget. All I want is my friend back. When everything's going wrong for me, I go to you.. But now I have nobody. Now I'm lost. I need you.


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