maybe I'd still have you

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I am writing this because I need to get this off my chest. I met you four years ago after getting out of a relationship that at the time meant a lot to me. I consider you a godsend and you saved me in so many ways. We saved each other and only he would ever truly understand that.

We dated for awhile but at the time I couldn't give myself to you the way I wish I would have now because I thought I loved someone else. You told me things that you told no one else about your dad, we had a really special relationship and although it wasn't perfect, I wasn't perfect, it was good.

You made me feel loved like I have never loved before you looked at me in a way that you made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. You really were my prince charming you treated me with respect and like a girl always dreams of. I'm not really sure what happened, you said you lost feelings for me and broke it off all I know was there was a lot of drama caused from other people.

I not only love you but I love your family and I love being with them as much as I love you. You still to this day won't meet up and talk to me I'm not sure why. I wish I knew why. I can message you, but you won't respond, but if we bump into each other you talk to me and give me a hug.

Today I am married to someone else who I am not in love with who I just love. Someone who will always be second best to you. I dream about you a few times a week and I always still think about you and want you. I will always want you know matter what. No one will ever make me feel like you do and I would do anything to be with you. I know this is bad but I would even leave my husband for you and that is terrible that I am saying this.

I have really tried to get over you, but after four years you still have this spell over me. You have shown me things I have never thought I would see and feel and when I'm with you, I am better. You make me a better person. When I am with you, I am the person I wanna be. You supported me and pushed me to go after my dreams and you take all my pain away and give me this happiness like no one else. When I am with you I love myself and am happy with myself and you always loved me for me. I don't know if you knowing this would ever change anything, but I really do I have a connection with you like no one else and feelings for you that will probably never go away.

I wish I could have been the girl I want to be now for you maybe I'd still have you. I wish you knew the type of girl I am capable of being. I was just young and stupid and didn't realize what we had because of my first young dumb stupid love that I wanted over at the time. I guess you will always be the one that got away.

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