i believe we can do it

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I truly love him. I need him. I need him to be here, with me. But still I have done things, I have not been a good girlfriend at all times. He has not been a good boyfriend at all times. The only truly thing we have had is LOVE. We do love each other, but the other problems cause this to not be enough. But I believe love can truly be enough. He does not believe so.

He thinks we have gone too far. We are too far away to get back together. To be happy again. Why shouldn't we be together? We are not the worst couple.. And we do love each other. Even thought we push, we scream, we yell, we say bad things and we fight. We have not made love in a month or so (different reasons, both period and fighting), but this does not mean that we do not love each other.

Am I to attached? Am I afraid to let go? Maybe I am.. But still my heart tells me he is for me. We are so bad that we are good for each other. We have found the love that can last, but we went to fast. We didn't wait. We only lived, fell in love, because lovers, moved in together, and BOOM, the problems started. And we did not do anything. We switched, at the beginning I was the one trying to fix things. Then I started school again, started to feel everything was to much. This I laid out on him. Then he started to try fixing things, he gave me chances after chances, just like I had done a couple of months ago. This time I did not take the hints, I did not notice them, I was to obsessed with everything being wrong, and not noticing the fact that I was the one that made it all wrong. It took me a couple of months to realize.

Now he has given up. And I want to try. I want to try as hard as I can. And I am going to. But it is so sad that even thought the love is there, it isn't enough! I hope that we can make it enough, that it will be enough again. We have lots of problems, it is going to take time. A long time. It is going to be hard, very hard. But I believe we can do it. Will I be able to convince him that I do still love him, and I do want to be with him, and it is not to late? We can still have a future, and everything we ever talked about. I just need to show him. Show him this.

I just hope he will understand. That I can be myself again, and that everything will be ok, but we both need to work for it. We can be a good couple. We have the love. And love SHOULD be enough... Shouldn't it?

xoxo desperate girl, trying to fix a relationship that is almost broken and the partner has lost fate in, even thought he has not left, yet.

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