amazing images of extremely cold weather

A few weeks ago the polar vortex swept over North America. Researchers say it’s the worst blizzard since the one that hit New York in ’77. Following you will see some of the breathtaking and astonishing images from areas affected by blizzards.
Temperature dropped so low that vehicles had layers of ice on them, so much so, that trying to open a door would result in a broken door handle.

Here in sub zero temperatures of the Polar Vortex, Fire fighters wrestle a blaze.

Fish froze in mid-swim in their shoal near Lovund, a small island just a few milesfrom the northern shores of the Norway mainland. It was only -7 degrees, but the wind chill was cold enough to freeze a large amount of fish in place.

The winter storm Hercules even caused Hell to freeze over, well Hell in Michigan. The storm had -37 degree wind chills.

An ice cover lighthouse that overlooks Lake Michigan, the structure starts to look a little bit like a Buddhist temple.

Sub Zero temperatures may even turn boiling water to freeze to snow in a matter of seconds, although playing the fool with it might still land you with a nasty burn.

The famous Niagara Falls freezes mid flow, you can see parts still flowing while others have frozen solid.

Some conditions get so bad that people that had swimming pools in the back landed up with a giant block of ice.

New York’s famous subway network filled with snow because of winter storm Hercules.

If a frozen swimming pool wasn’t bad enough, imagine your toilet bowl water frozen. The polar vortex cause toilet bowls to freeze solid.

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