Fart: odor

FART: odor

Fart, something that is always present in our daily life. Sometimes sounding "loud", sometimes slowly, sometimes smelly, and sometimes also without the smell. But you know what it really fart? What is the benefit for the body and the people who breathe it? Read on this article.

Not just any wind wind. The wind on this one between hate and longing. Hate when people are removing it. Missing a day when it does not feel it. And anxious, if not removing it's been two weeks. But clearly, everyone will need it. Actually fart is interwoven process of spending excessive gas in the intestine through the anus. And this happens more often just before a bowel movement. Many factors determine the level of someone farting frequency. One is from the usual diet and also the influence of certain drugs such as antibiotics for example.

Normalised how healthy someone fart? On average frequency of a healthy person farts about 10 to 14 times a day. And if stored, the volume produced each time the wind fart between 400 to 1,600 ml per day.

The process of Farts
Fart from the digestive process begins in the stomach. When the process of digestion and absorption of food occurs in the small intestine, food that can not be digested and poorly absorbed into the body will be disposed of large intestine or colon. Well, in fact this is happening colon fermentation process which, among others, produced a number of gas-assisted by a number of bacteria that dwelt in the gut.

When we refer to these processes occur, it could be concluded that the more someone is eating foods that are difficult to digest the gut, it also increases the fermentation process carried out by bacteria. As a result of gas production also increased. Type of gas produced in the gut include carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2) and methane. Although there is also a source of gas in the gut that comes from outside air, such as nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). Outside air can come from the activity ingested food that is not true. That habit of chewing gum, installation of false teeth that are less precise, and so forth.

Aroma Source Fart Odor
In general, not all farts smell less pleasant. Occurrence of a less pleasant odor when fart more often caused by the decay process by the metabolism of bacteria in the colon due to bleak smell of sour foods that do not fit the ability of the digestive organs. In addition, strong-smelling foods such as banana, durian and jackfruit similar to jackfruit can also cause smelly fart.

Based on research, odorless gas that typically consists of 5 gas components, namely nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. This gas is the fifth largest share of fart. Well, if the fart that smells, usually there are additional other gases that accompany such skatol, indole, hydrogen sulfide, and short-chain fatty acids. These gases, although present in small amounts can cause nose piercing smell.

How Not To Fart Odor
There are tips that the author can be shared here about how the way for odorless gas, ie with bowel movements as often as possible. Food scraps that are too long cooped up in the colon that has been shaped dirt, like garbage would produce a less pleasant odor. If the feces is removed quickly, the colon will quickly empty and gas is in it too quick exit.
However, if the stool in the colon is too long buried and not also issued within a maximum of 18 hours, the smell of gas will increasingly accumulate and stinging. So when we're going to fart, gas should come out no smell, the smell will diboncengi kototan that have not been removed earlier. The result farts will stink.

You can test this author's experience. Try it in your bowel movements a day at least 2 times a day ie morning and prophecy, surely you will not smell farts. But also try not to defecate more than a day, let alone added up to three days .... oh, please you differentiate the results. Let alone you, ants and the lizard who is around you too will quickly evacuate made, mistaken for trash Mount Merapi wedhus second stage

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