he's different

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i have daddy issues.
he left when my sister and i were over at his place that weekend.
i was 12 and she was 9.
i've thrown myself into so many arms, all the faces were starting to look the same.

he's different.
this one.
he's a nice guy, can you believe it?
we're both broken but i'm becoming the best version of myself, one i didn't think was possible.
i have him to thank, as well as myself for standing up again and again no matter how hard the fall.
he's the first to
not play games,
video games too
to love all of me
want to know every inch,
every corner,
to relive all my memories and see it through my eyes.
he makes me feel safer than i ever have
he's the first to live a religious life, where my home will be a haven
our home?

that's right, i want him in a forever and always way.
and he wants that too.
he told me that i changed that, that he never thought he'd feel that way again or stronger as he does towards me.
we are each other's miracles.

and i'm scared
crossing everything i have
that i get to keep him
because he's different.

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