i just can't seem to fall in love

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Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me.
I just can't seem to fall in love.
Now a lot of people would tell me not to worry.
That I'm so young and I'll find someone eventually.
But I can't help to notice all the people around me falling head over heels for each other and I'm just here waiting. Waiting to feel something, anything at all.

Truth be told I've never been in a serious relationship. A couple of dates here and there, endless text conversations and random hook ups at parties. But never in a relationship. I don't know maybe it's me. Maybe I'm not able to commit, I might been having way to high expectations or maybe I just haven't met anyone special yet. But I'm getting tired, oh so tired of seeing everyone else writing their never ending love novels while I'm sitting here with my pamphlet of short stories not even worthy a single glance. At this point I wouldn't even mind getting my heart broken over and over until it's in a thousand pieces because at least then I would be experiencing some kind of love. Even the most excruciating, hard aching and painful love beats not feeling anything at all. Like they say "It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

- S

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