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Pets are the most adorable and lovable additions to our homes. The massive amount of internet traffic based around pet photos testifies to the human connection to our pets! But for some owners, their pets are much more than just personal living companions, or members of the family - they become the all-important center of their worlds. These pet-owners are often so devoted to their pets that they have memorials built for them -  from simple scultpures and paintings to the famous case of the man who made a temple in memory of his beloved late pet dog. But here we will cover a growing, and creative new trend that has emerged - Pet Tattoos! We profile 10 such people who have taken the bold, loving and colourful step of creating life-like renditions of their beloved pets in tattoo form!
Hairless Cat
The famous hairless cat is known to be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of pet, and there's no prizes for guessing which way the following pet owner swings on that question!

Beautiful Bulldog
This very special bulldog, appropriately named "Truck" is rendered beautifully by the artist in this tattoo.
Minimalist Cat Tattoo
Simple, effective, not overly-bold, but gets the message accross.
Black cat
We can only imagine how adorable "Sara" would have been were she still alive. A beautiful tribute to what is obvious a beloved pet.
This adorable dog, is immortalised, and rendered with oodles of creative flair in this next piece.
Majestic Boxer
Done by the tattoo artists MissNio in Berlin, she achieves an amazing matte finished airbrushed effect on the tattoo of this boxer.
Adorable Kitty
The tattoo artist captures the personality of this cat perfectly in her eyes.
Beloved Cat
One of the best animal tattoos anywhere in the world, kudos to both the artists and the wearer.
The tattoo artists captures the details and the skin tone perfectly in this next tattoo.
A simple, elegant, and artfully done tribute to the beloved german shephard - Wolf.
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