chas ray krider

Photographer: Chas Ray Krider
Stylist: Phoebe Arnold
Hair Thanos Samaras
Model: Samantha Gradoville
Ponystep Magazine #4 Winter 2013
Park & Ride
Via. the libertine

Chas Ray Krider's photographs are part of a tradition of erotic art that employs exaggeration, mystery and the guilty pleasures of voyeurism. His photographs are about the forms employed in narrative based erotic art. Chas Ray's work is widely exhibited and published, including two solo book, Motel Fetish by TASCHEN in 2002, 2nd edition 2012. and Do Not Disturb by La Musardine of Paris, 2007
Motel Fetish, Taschen, Germany, 2002, Second Edition, Re-released, 2012 
Do Not Disturb, La Musardine, France, 2007 
Rendezvous, Goliath Books, Germany, 2014

Book: Dirty Rendezvous
Goliath Books has published a new solo book of Chas Ray Krider’s recent work. Titled Dirty Rendezvous, the book is hard cover, 192 pages, with 210 color photos. The book is available online at The Chas Ray Krider Collection.

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