miles aldridge

Photographer: Miles Aldridge
Stylist: Phoebe Arnold
Model: Felicity Hayward
Ponystep Magazine # 2
I Like Fast Cars, Fast Men & Fast Food

A groaning mass of peroxide ringlets and the requisite heaving bosom - barely contained or rather, restrained, within the obligatory 'push-up', Felicity Hayward embodies 'blonde bombshell' in a way unseen since the untimely departure of her lifelong idol, Anna Nicole Smith.

Smith’s decadent lifestyle was played out before our very eyes – with euphoric highs followed by crippling depressions, this real life Barbie doll soldiered on with a candour and conviction seldom seen in Hollywood stars. Anna Nicole Smith was at once the epitome of pin-up glamour and unstable fragility. Tributes to this modern day icon abound (the most recent being Marc-Anthony Turnage’s opera), so, given our obvious predilection for this tragic heroine, Ponystep plays its own homage to the late, great, buxom Playmate.

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