sooo true.. regrets are felt when it's just too late

give time.... time is gold...

this is sooo true now a days... but regrets are felt when it's just too late.. 

No body "regrets at first time of course you will just found out in the end. When you planned something you wanna do! there is no regret because you want it. That's why your friends always told you "think of it a hundred times" those their mentioned is true i give you scenario also: 

Your a busyman always struggling for success you have no time to your love ones especially your parents sometimes people always make argue with their parents you did't show love for them until one time God took their lives and now you will cry and say i wish i could give the love i supposed to give but its too late anymore.. that's the worst regret of all co'z you know there is no 2nd life.

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