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I wasn't sure what to title this post, so I decided to name it the thing that's been on my mind a lot recently - body confidence. Having a personal style and beauty blog is an odd concept. It's a great way to memorialize a period of time in your life. It's allowed me to recognize how my style has evolved over the last five years, and it's been such a helpful tool in that sense. I see it as a scrapbook or journal of sorts, one that makes me smile, laugh, and reminisce when I look back at older posts. But, it's also put some pressure on me to look a certain way. The internet can be a vicious place, one in which strangers feel compelled to point out every little flaw and pick people apart in the comfort of their own home and behind the veil of anonymity. Now I personally have been very fortunate. I've never really encountered any nasty comments on my blog, and I feel very supported in this community. I'm sure if I were a "bigger name blogger", I would have experienced some negative comments over the years. I cringe when I see what some are going through. I didn't know when I signed up for this that a pre-requisite included being a size 0 and looking like you flew off the pages of Vogue. If I had known, I would have just picked up an issue on the newstand.

 I think I've just begun to put pressure on myself. It's no secret that I'm struggling with my weight right now because I've disclosed that, and I second guess every single picture I put up on my blog. That shouldn't be the point though, right? I'm not a model, just a regular person with a regular job, a husband, friends, family, a dog. I live in a condo, I dream about traveling and starting a family in the next two years. I doubt myself all the time and question everything, and this is coming from someone who studied and now works in the counseling field. I see a therapist because I have horrible anxiety. I'm now on medication for it. Why am I telling you all this? Well I'm not sure really, I just don't always want to write a simple blurb about what I'm wearing and how fabulous everything is. I've been struggling lately, and I wanted to throw that out there. Not for sympathy, because I'm okay! But just to let you know that confidence is so important in life, and mine is faltering at the moment. I know it'll pass. I know I'm taking the steps necessary to head in the right direction, and I'm looking forward to a future blog post where I can talk about that. But for now, let's all just be kind to one another. I firmly believe you can be stylish at any height, weight, or size. Let's just keep reminding ourselves, and each other.

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